Stabilised Gravel driveways

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Stabilised Gravel Driveways

Stabilised gravel is our most popular driveway solution. Customers benefit from the look and feel of a gravel drive without rutting, sinking and gravel migration.

Stabilised Gravel Driveways utilise plastic trays made of a hexagonal grid which are installed on a firm base and filled with loose gravel. When installed, the trays become invisible but they prevent the gravel from moving when driven over.

This elegant driveway solution is more cost effective than tarmac, block paving or resin bound surfaces and is free draining so there is no need for planning permission.

Advantages of Gravel Driveways

You can walk on the stabilised gravel surface in high heels and it is approved for wheelchair use and fine for pulling wheelie bins over.

No weeds grow up through the driveway. The hexagonal trays have a weed suppressing membrane attached to the bottom. Because the surface is loose gravel some airborne seeds can fall and take root. These seedlings are easy to pull out or can be treated with a weed killer.

Because of the way the stabilised gravel system works, it is very easy to increase the driveway area, repair drains and deal with problematic tree roots. Seamless joints and repairs are possible. This is not the case with tarmac or resin bound gravel. 

Stabilised gravel can be used on slopes of up to 25% gradient and is perfect for paths as well as driveways. 


This driveway system is ideal for shady areas where the free draining surface stops moss taking hold. There is never any need to pressure wash a stabilised gravel driveway. Any colour of gravel can be used and you can choose 10mm or 20mm aggregate depending on preference.

Examples of Stabilised Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are one of our most popular driveway options and in this video I’ll walk you through some examples of stabilised gravel driveways that we have installed for customer across Cheshire.

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We are proud to be a “Super Installer” for Nida Gravel UK and have been using their products for more than 10 years.

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