Eco Conscious Homeowners Steer Towards Greener Driveways

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Eco Concious Driveways

Consumer demand for green eco conscious driveways is on the rise as homeowners seek to green up their properties inside and out.

The UK’s love affair with asphalt and block paving is waning according to Cheshire based Gravel Driveways which has reported an increase in customers requesting green driveway solutions.

And it’s stabilised gravel that’s leading the way as the greenest and most affordable choice for the eco conscious:

“Consumers are increasingly recognising the irony of parking their electric cars on driveways that are environmental disasters,” commented David Hadley, owner of Gravel Driveways. “We are seeing rising curiosity from consumers about the green credentials of driveway materials.

Indeed, the environmental impact of a new driveway is now as much a part of our design consultation as cost and aesthetic. It’s great to see customers taking a holistic approach to their carbon footprint and the paving industry is responding with better choices for those who want green driveways.

Range of Driveway Options

We now have options that are permeable, durable, cost effective and beautiful which is great news for homeowners and the environment.”

Gravel Driveways believes every new driveway project should have a lifespan of at least 20 years to mitigate the impact of the construction process required for installation.

The company also encourages owners of even modest driveways to incorporate some green areas that soften the aesthetic while providing ecological habitats.

Its driveways are designed to utilise space efficiently while also creating opportunities for carbon offsetting. The company also encourages clients to recycle existing materials wherever possible:

“We love using reclaimed stone for driveways,” added David. “Even better if it’s already on a property as there is no carbon footprint for extraction or transportation.

Gravel Driveways

We typically use a combination of natural stone and gravel to create attractive driveways that cause less environmental impact and are SuDS compliant.

Gravel is cheap but it is also great at withstanding heavy daily use, doesn’t age or require much upkeep and drains fantastically well, if installed as a stabilised surface.

Gravel is also available in a range of stones and colours so it can easily be matched to any style of property. It has timeless charm, an ear pleasing crunch and is currently our most popular eco-friendly driveway option.”

Gravel Driveways has ranked what it believes are the most sustainable driveway choices currently available in the UK:

1) Stabilised gravel driveways

  • Great drainage
  • Long lasting
  • Locally used gravel can be used
  • Can easily be altered and repaired

2) Block paving driveways

  • Can be repaired without replacing whole driveway
  • Long lasting
  • Must be used in conjunction with robust SuDS compliant drainage system
  • High CO2 emissions in transportation and production

3) Tarmac driveways

  • Long lasting
  • Can not be repaired without replacing whole driveway
  • Must be used in conjunction with robust SuDS compliant drainage system
  • High CO2 emissions in transportation and production

4) Resin bound gravel driveways

  • Good drainage
  • Limited lifespan
  • Large amount of non-recyclable plastic waste produced
  • Driveway surface non-recyclable
  • Can not be repaired without replacing whole driveway

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